I am thrilled that you found me on your search for language learning. As a native speaker from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and instructor with eleven years of teaching experience, I love my language and the culture it stems from, and want to pass on this love and understanding of my language to you! I am here to guide you in achieving your Spanish learning goals; whether you want to start learning Spanish, continue your learning, prepare for an exam, or advance your learning to higher levels to speak with family, friends, clients, patients, or locals at your next travel destination!

I want your experience to be enjoyable and profitable. I want to encourage you to go a little farther than you have before, and to help you understand and make sense of this beautiful language. What I love most about teaching this language is seeing students’ eyes beam with pride when they recognize the progress they have made; I love seeing them advance through different levels as they speak Spanish with progressive ease and confidence!

I provide a dynamic, positive, structured and professional environment in which you can fully grasp and enjoy the Spanish language. You will be able to learn Spanish in a unique, effective, and engaging way with a culturally rich approach and classes that explore, support and encourage diverse learning styles.