What classes are like

Small Group Classes

Group classes with Elizabeth consists of 3-8 students. This ensures that classes are small enough for your particular needs and questions to be addressed, while also having others to interact with, learn with, and learn from!

Our time in class is our most valuable learning time. For this reason, I produce and distribute written and visual materials (sometimes in video formats) that explain our concept of the week for students to review as their homework. You can review these materials as many times as you want or need, and take small quizzes to test your understanding. This provides us with more in-class time to review confusions, practice examples, and master these concepts through conversation and exercises!

With each class, you will also receive one 20-minute, online, private session with me! This way, if you are confused about a concept, want additional practice, or want to be challenged, we can create a twenty-minute session tailored for your specific needs.

Summer Refresher Courses

All classes consist of eight 60-minute sessions, meeting once per week. There will be weekly material to review before class, in order to make the most of our class time together!

Intro to Spanish

Who this class is tailored for:
If you are brand new to Spanish or had some exposure to languages or Spanish when you were younger, but don’t remember much, this is the perfect class for you!
What we will focus on:
We will focus on pronunciation, basic vocabulary, and will start working on your listening and conversational skill! We will also learn about language learning and culture. This class will be held in equal parts English and Spanish to start familiarizing your brain with this new language!

Intermediate Conversational Class:

Who this class is tailored for:
If you can understand more than you can speak, or if you take a little time to form your thoughts, this class is tailored to you!
What we will focus on:
Weekly vocabulary flash cards and resources will be provided for an upcoming conversation topic. These resources can help anchor you as you learn to formulate your thoughts in Spanish, instead of translating your thoughts from English to Spanish. The majority of this class will be conducted in Spanish, with minor English as-needed explanations.

Advanced Conversational Class:

Who this class is tailored for:
If you are comfortable having small conversations in Spanish, this class will help challenge you as helps you grow your vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.
What we will focus on:
Every class will consist of a conversation over a shared assignment (podcasts, short stories, or videos). Weekly vocabulary flash cards and resources will be provided as needed. This class will be conducted fully in Spanish, with Spanish-only explanations.

Private Classes

These classes are entirely tailored to you! You and I partner up to explore together how you learn best, decide on a goal that helps guide us for the month, and set up a plan to help you achieve it!  Similar to group classes, I maximize the value of our time together by sending you materials to review during the week. This way, our time together is spent working through confusions, and mastering your skills through guided Spanish conversations.

Private online classes

30% of Elizabeth’s students are online learners and love the flexibility this setting offers. If you live outside of Eugene, travel often, or want to learn from the comfort of your own home, online private classes are perfect for you


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