What Elizabeth’s students have said:

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“Elizabeth is probably the best Spanish teacher I’ve had. I have been trying to learn Spanish for years, needless to say learning languages is not a strong point for me. Elizabeth does a great job of explaining rules and providing opportunities to practice concepts. She is patient and comforting when I’m nervous about speaking in Spanish with her, and always finds new exercises for practicing verbal skills. I strongly suggest Spanish with Elizabeth if you’re looking for Spanish lessons in Eugene!”

– Audra B (link to comment: http://www.facebook.com/SpanishWithElizabeth)

“ELIZABETH!!! mil gracias por todo 🙂 I am so very happy and proud to say that I have finally passed the Oregon licensure test for teaching Spanish (ORELA). I had taken the test four times before working with you and you really gave me the skills and confidence to tackle that test! I appreciate all of your work and I will definitely be referring you to all of my friends who need practice with their Spanish. You had a way of making me feel comfortable and relaxed. You gave me a space where I felt okay to make mistakes because I knew that we would work on them, and then work on them again (until I finally got it!) I will never ever be able to repay you for what you helped me accomplish. THANK YOU!!’

-Stephanie S. (link to comment: http://www.facebook.com/SpanishWithElizabeth)

“I thought it would be impossible to pass the ORELA Spanish teaching exam. Everyone I talked to said it took 3 to 5 attempts. I failed my first time and the test seemed even more difficult than ever. That’s when I started do Skype lessons with Elizabeth…twice a week for about 5 weeks. She practiced with me on improving my performance in the speaking section and writing section. She is very encouraging and supportive which helped reduce my nervousness and increased my confidence. She helped me organize my Spanish responses practicing using higher level grammar with increased ease. Those practice sessions increased my speaking score from a 3 to a 7 out of 8 by the next test and I fully passed the test on this 2nd try. Thank you Elizabeth! My Spanish improved so quickly with you and I’m now a certified Spanish teacher! I couldn’t have done it without you! ¡Muchas gracias!”

-Julie O. (https://www.thumbtack.com/or/eugene/spanish-lessons/spanish-lessons)

Although my time spent studying with Elizabeth was short-lived, she truly did blow my mind. Elizabeth is incredibly professional, dedicated, patient, and always goes above and beyond. Taking the extra time to create voice recordings, lesson plans, etc.. she meets her students at an individual level, adjusting/working with them in whatever way necessary. Not only this, but she takes the studies very seriously; ensuring that learning and progression takes place. Furthermore, Elizabeth is very sweet, friendly, kind, and wonderful Muchas gracias, Elizabeth!~~”

-Cynthia T. (link to comment: www.facebook.com/SpanishWithElizabeth)

“Elizabeth was a wonderful teacher. She helped me practice conversation skills and also brought activities and hand outs which helped me improve vocabulary and grammar. The most important thing Elizabeth did for me was explain how to create correct pronunciation. I can tell from people’s reactions, to how I speak, that I speak more clearly now. Although teachers in a class are wonderful, there is no way I can receive the type of one-on-one coaching Elizabeth provided. Even better, it was fun because Elizabeth has a vibrant personality. Thank you Elizabeth!:

-Shelly B. (link to comment: www.facebook.com/SpanishWithElizabeth)

“I have taken Spanish lessons from Elizabeth for about 2 years now. Being a native speaker, she knows the language well (grammar, idioms, vocabulary). Her English is also so good that I have no problems understanding her or her instructions. She has been really helpful for not only teaching me the basics of her language, but also giving me great feedback on my accent. Elizabeth is very fun and she makes the lessons interactive. You can tell she enjoys teaching. I highly recommend her for both tutoring and group classes.”

-Sinah S. (link to comment: https://www.thumbtack.com/or/eugene/spanish-lessons/spanish-lessons)

“I’m just beginning Spanish and Elizabeth has been excellent at helping me obtain a great foundation with which to start. Her skill level, knowledge and most of all patience has been awesome.”

-Bruce E. (link to comment: https://www.thumbtack.com/or/eugene/spanish-lessons/spanish-lessons)