A note from Elizabeth:

I find languages to be fascinating. Each language is shaped and formed by its culture. The culture infiltrates its grammatical structure, pronunciation, and idiomatic expressions. I love discovering how each language represents the culture it was born in, how it evolved over time, or how it is currently changing in its sub-cultures. I have a love for my language and want to impart it to others who desire to learn it. I want your experience to be enjoyable and profitable. I want to encourage you in this process, to encourage you to go a little farther than you have before, and to help you understand and make sense of this beautiful language. What I love most about teaching this language is when I see students’ eyes light up because they have grasped a new concept and are naturally excited by this new understanding. I love watching my students be proud of the work that they have done and the ways in which they have improved. I hope to be able to provide a dynamic in which you can fully grasp the Spanish language.


Elizabeth’s Bio

Elizabeth was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, her father’s birth country. She spent the first six years of her life living in different South American countries, until finally moving back to Argentina, her mother’s birth country, and living Buenos Aires at the age of 6. She attended an Argentine school until age 13, when she enrolled in an all-English-speaking school. Her first year at this school proved challenging, but after being forced to immerse herself in this environment, she quickly picked up English and spoke it comfortably and with ease. Elizabeth moved to Eugene, Oregon when she was 18 to attend a small Great Books college, in which she received a BA in Liberal Arts. She took three years of Classical Greek, and two years of German, spending one of her summers in Coburg, Germany, studying German.

Elizabeth started tutoring Spanish in 2006; she slowly learned how to best teach this language, and adjusted her lessons as she learned more about languages, education, and different teaching styles. After eight years of actively tutoring Spanish to people in varying age groups and levels, she has decided to do more with her love for teaching.

Elizabeth is now teaching group classes, which incorporate conversational exercises as well as her love for explaining why Spanish grammar works the way it does. She is also available for private, one-on one tutoring.

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