I believe that each individual has a unique learning style, and I make an effort to tailor my lessons to the needs that I see, and to implement various styles of learning in each class. Throughout our classes you will be working on visual learning, you will practice grammar through writing exercises, you will practice listening and understanding, as well as many conversational exercises to help you feel at ease with the language.

I believe that understanding grammar is key to language learning. My classes will always focus on understanding how grammar works and how to use it correctly, which will allow each student to understand Spanish speakers and the language better. While immersion programs are very helpful in advancing one’s learning abilities, grammar must be mastered in order to master a language. Spanish grammar and English grammar, although similar in some ways, differ greatly from each other. It is through understanding their differences that we gain control of how to speak and write correctly.

What Are Classes Like

Each class will have a minimum of three, and maximum of eight students. This ensures that classes are small enough for your particular needs and questions to be addressed, while also having others to interact with, learn with, and learn from!

Each class will consist of an explanation of a new concept, some written and conversational practice with said concept, and time for questions. There will be homework assigned each week, in order to encourage each student to practice what they have learned and become fully comfortable with the material.

The last class of each 8 week session will consist of an activity, in which we integrate what we lave learned over two months!

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